Diet to Lose Belly Fat

Dieting and weight loss are important issues, but when it comes to losing belly fat, many people make mistakes in figuring out how to begin and what diet to use. But, finding the right diet to lose belly fat quickly can seem frustrating or confusing. With the wrong approach to a lose your stomach fat diet, however, you might not see the results you want.

By knowing more about exactly what causes a fat problem, you might then be able to determine the right diet to lose belly fat quickly and easily. First of all, let’s take a look at the foods you consume on a regular basis. If you eat high calories and low nutritional value, chances are you are going to gain weight around your middle. This happens because your body will burn calories faster than it can replace them. This can lead to bulging belly and even back pain.


Diet to Lose Belly Fat

A diet to lose belly fat must include foods that are high in fiber, which are known as “good carbs.” Whole grain carbs are great because they have more fiber and can actually be absorbed more slowly through the digestive process. Whole milk can be consumed in small quantities, but it should always be replaced with reduced-fat milk or soy milk instead. Eating yogurt is also a good alternative. Soy milk has been shown to reduce the absorption of sugar in a test group of people. The better options are the reduced-sugar and reduced-fat alternatives.

But, one study found that increasing fiber intake lowered the rate at which people consumed fat. So, the question is how to do you get increased fiber? Most dieticians recommend at least a 20-gram increase in fiber intake per day. The one study mentioned had a finding that the soluble fiber intake (which partially includes fiber found in beans, fruits, and vegetables) reduced the rate at which people absorbed fat during an exercise routine. This means that adding more fiber to your diet may help you reduce the belly fat. However, the one study did not look at the soluble fiber intake during any specific diet regimen.

In another one study, participants who ate a significantly lower caloric intake than the average did not lose more belly fat over a three-week period. During this same period, participants who increased their caloric intake (ate more food per meal) experienced no significant change in their abdominal fat. So, dieters should still focus on eating fewer calories than they expend. Also, the majority of these studies did not account for other factors, like age or current health status, which could affect the results.

Aerobic Exercise

Diet to Lose Belly Fat

Another one study that looks at the effects of intense aerobic exercise showed that both novice and advanced runners actually lost more belly fat on the HiIT program than they did during a more traditional training session. The study found that the runners had a significant improvement in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The study also indicated that the HIIT group experienced an increased resting metabolic rate and higher energy levels during exercise. The only noticeable effect of this study was the difference in fat loss between the groups. One of the goals of HIIT is to burn off more calories than you normally would by exercising, so this does support the idea that intense aerobic exercise can be beneficial in reducing belly fat.

A second study that directly conflicts with a diet to lose belly fat diet is that of the University of Tennessee’s John Anderson and colleagues who studied the effects of a low-sugar, high-fiber diet on visceral fat. Their conclusion? “The most compelling evidence that adopting a low-sugar, high-fiber diet reduces visceral fat is the observation that postprandial increases in hunger are greater in the low-fat diet than in the high-fat diet.” In other words, the more fiber rich the food you eat, the less likely your body will store fat from the food. And since fiber can help you feel full, it will also help you stick to your weight loss plan.

Another suggestion to help you burn belly fat is to consume lots of water and eat foods that are rich in fiber. Eating foods that are rich in fiber makes it easier for your digestive system to process food, and when your digestive system processes food properly, it burns calories more efficiently. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. You’ll look better and feel better too!

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