What Can You Drink on the Keto Diet?

What Can You Drink on the Keto Diet?

What can you drink on the keto diet? What foods should not be consumed on the keto diet? The keto diet is preferred by many people nowadays. It is trendy because it facilitates weight loss and burns these kilos from fat.

With the restriction of carbohydrates, the burning of fat begins. The consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and sugar is stopped or considerably reduced. 

However, the keto diet is often done with an intermittent fasting diet. Combining these two diets visibly affects results and increases the success rate.

What to Drink on Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet

What to drink during intermittent fasting? Can you drink coffee while intermittent fasting? What can be drunk on a keto and intermittent fasting diet? The main beverage that is completely free and recommended in intermittent fasting and keto diet is water. However, the consumption of sugar-free drinks is allowed.

These can be listed as follows:

  • Coffee (no sugar, no milk, no cream)
  • Green tea, black tea, herbal teas (unsweetened)
  • Mineral water/soda (no sugar, no sweetener)
  • Buttermilk

Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet

What is prohibited in the intermittent fasting diet? What are the do’s and don’ts on the keto and intermittent fasting diet? In keto and intermittent fasting diets, consuming carbohydrates and sugary foods is prohibited. Instead, foods rich in fat and protein are consumed.

Foods that should not be eaten on the keto diet are as follows:

  • High-carbohydrate cereals and grain products such as pasta, rice, bulgur, noodles
  • Sherbet desserts, chocolate desserts, and milk desserts. Any food containing sugar is prohibited.
  • Drinks contain sugar; most carbonated drinks contain sugar. However, you should not use sugar or cream in your tea and coffee. Sweeteners are also prohibited in this diet because they fall under the class of processed food.
  • Fast food such as pizza, hamburgers, french fries
  • Pastries such as bagels, donuts, croissants
  •   It is also not recommended to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables containing excess carbohydrates.
  • Energy drinks and alcohol consumption are also prohibited.

What Should Be Considered in Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet?

What Can You Drink on the Keto Diet?

Although the intermittent fasting diet is one of the most preferred diets by many people, it is inconvenient for some people to follow keto and intermittent fasting diets. Those with chronic diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure patients should consult their doctor before starting this diet.

In addition, this diet is not recommended for pregnant women, those with eating disorders, and those with low weight. Intermittent fasting and the keto diet are not recommended for those who cannot fast for long periods or have intolerances to certain foods.

Even if you do not have any health problems, it is helpful to reduce your carbohydrate consumption before starting the ketogenic diet gradually. Ending your carbohydrate intake by lowering it daily minimizes the side effects that your body will have in the state of ketosis

This may take 3 to 7 days. Therefore, if you are in a period where you need to be intense and active, it will be beneficial to consider this before starting the ketogenic diet.

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