Dr. Now Diet Program

Dr. Now Diet Program

Dr. Now Diet Program

Dr. Now aka Nowzaradan is a world-renowned doctor. He weakens his patients thanks to his diet. Their patients are not people of normal weight. These people, who are over 270 kilos, cannot live their lives the way they want. Most of them cannot walk without support and even depend on others for their personal needs.

If they do not lose weight, there is a danger of losing their lives. Dr. Nowzaradan weakens his patients thanks to his special diet. This surgeon, who is a surgeon, operates on people who manage to lose weight with their will. People who have difficulty in losing weight and cannot lose as much weight as desired within the specified time cannot have stomach surgery.

Who is Dr. Nowzaradan?

The birthplace of the doctor, who was born in 1944, is Iran. He graduated from Tehran University here. Years later, he moved to America and became famous as a successful surgeon. Now he is making a TV show on TLC channel. In fact, this program includes people with a weight of over 270 who are subject to real events. Dr. Nowzaradan helps her patients to lose weight with her diet. These patients with high weight have various risks and diseases caused by weight.

During the diets made without risking the patient’s life, other diseases are also treated. Body injuries, heart diseases, and lung problems that occur with weight decrease as they lose weight. The most appropriate stomach surgery is applied to patients who lose weight. Every patient’s body is different. For this reason, whichever is the best among many options is preferred. Some patients manage to lose weight with this diet, while others give up. This causes their life to get worse.

How to Do Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan?

Among the features of the Dr. Nowzaradan diet, calorie reduction is at the forefront. While the daily calorie requirement of normal people is 2000, it sets a limit of 1200 for these patients. Thus, the patient quickly weakens. It is important to have few calories, as their mobility is limited. Prepares lists that avoid fat, sugar, and carbohydrates as much as possible.

Nowzaradan diet list is prepared specially for each patient. This list helps in determining the patient’s age, weight, movement status, and diseases found. Apart from the determined list, exercises are given according to the movement status of the patients. For some, there is leg movement and arm movement while sitting, while for some there is slow walking. As you lose weight, these movements will become more complex.

Benefits of the Dr. Nowzaradan Diet 

The benefits of the Dr. Nowzaradan diet are especially important for those at risk. The onset of heart problems means these people are more likely to have a heart attack. For this reason, they need to lose weight in a short time. As you lose weight, both the body becomes lighter and the diseases decrease. Thus, you are one step closer to the surgery. This diet helps to drop below 270 pounds quickly. It is very important in understanding how eager the patient is, in the patient’s ambition. It is necessary to continue the diet in the same way after the surgery.

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